Japanese Markets Consulting


Product evaluation/suggestions

We conduct quality evaluation in Japanese Quality. With regard to quality, the evaluations of Japanese customers are so severe that getting their attention is an important point to make a success in Japan. Ask us, experts for quality evaluation, for checking your products and our suggestions for improvement and customization of your products for Japan.

Localization of products and documentation

We translate correspondence, various contracts and technical documentation in English, Chinese and other languages. In addition, we design appropriate packages for Japan, conduct product presentations and build download sites as an advertising company.

Supporting overseas enterprises' entering the Japanese market

It costs overseas enterprises considering entering the Japanese market to send a representative to Japan for expanding their businesses
Even the companies which have done it will take time more than expected to get their business going if they do not understand the Japanese commercial practices and cultural differences.
Under the rapidly changing business environment, it is very important to build a system that can effectively sell their products and to make the profitable sales.
We have a precise marketing in Japan and support overseas enterprises' entering the Japanese market and expanding their businesses with our corporate network and business experience of IT and advertisements.
Contact us for beginning your business in Japan, selling products and seeking solutions of the Japanese marketing or other troubles.

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Latvia 1
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Supporting entering the Japanese market
Promotion, advertising, marketing and sales
Finding and preparing for effective exhibitions
Agency services like visiting exhibitions and collecting information
Finding sales bases and offices
Finding and preparing for contracting sales agency
Negotiating and coordinating Japanese enterprises
Guiding and interpreting
Contacting experts like lawyers and accountants of Japan
Agency work in local offices
Purchace negotiation, exporting to Japan, insurance procedures, customs clearance and domestic transportations arrangements to the specified location
Consultation on Japanese business