MakeUpOnline PC Version

Makeup Simulator, Ultra High Performance

ATLAS Computer is an authorized distributor of MakeUpOnline.

Makeup Simulator origins from a security system that recognizes a person automatically. We will offer the product with a package of hardware and software. Makeup Simulator is not just a service of showing images of users' finished makeup but also a sales promotion tool which prevents opportuniy losses over the counter and makes differences between you and your competitors.


As for MakeUpOnline Tablet Version, see here.


1.Beautiful & Enjoy

 Makeup Simulator finds the best color makeup of you by an image of your face.

 Meanwhile, it is possible to choose it from the defined makeup patterns.

 Makeup Simulator is avaiable in various occations.

 For example, it is possible to play it as an amusement.

2.Fast accurate & Unique

 The advanced biometric technology splecializing in "face" makes possible to realize few corrects

 and automatic simulations

 Automatic simulations makes difference from your competitors'

 or cosmetics makers' simulators.

3.Simple & Scalable

 Its use is easy. Take your picture and just wait for the result of its simulations.

 There is no need to do difficult works such as adjusting the pointers.

 This application is customizable as customers' wishes.

 It is possble to customize its appearance, embed ads, change the variation of colors and realize any wishes of yours

 The customization is an option. Feel free to ask any questions.


MakeUpOnline PC Image

Upload a picture of your face and you can enjoy its make-simulation.