ASP Service of making presentation videos easily.

ATLAS Computer is an authorized distributor of PIP-Maker. PIP-Maker is an ASP Service of making presentation videos where an avatar reads out your powerpoint materials.
PIP-Maker can offer its service in infinite ways such as websites, presentation videos at exhibitions and shop displays. We suggest the maximum effects of PIP-Maker for you as a consultant which takes care of companies targeting Japanese markets as advertising agency.

What is PIP-Maker ?

With PIP-Maker you can easily create a promotion video for your product. Explain long text contents by just using an avatar who will read it for you. How about comparing to other videos files?

● Our system works with a flash program and not streaming a video making the file size very light?
● Create seamless guidance with menu and buttons that can request the information and materials that the viewer is looking for.
● Technology not requiring filming and recording. You can edit any part of the movie at any time. Don’t need to render it as other movies.
Log how users view the contents; you can analyze how user interacts with the content.


your powerpoints.


20 kinds of avartars are available.

Text to Speech

Just inputting sentences
can make their voices.

Log Function
Log Function

Analysis of Start to End of Movie


Just inputting sentences
can make their voices.

Management screen

Just a few minutes from start to end.


 ● Product promotion through online seminars.
 ● Information sharing and education contents for business bounded e-learning.
 ● Customer support such as guidance procedure, manual, FAQ support.
 ● Sale promotion activity such as digital signage in stores.

Demo and Trial

Text to Speech

This is an introduction of the avatars in PIP-Maker.
Check the technology controlling appearances, voices and multiple languages.
Copy and input foreign texts to PIP-Maker.
The native people will be surprised at how high the level of its quality is.

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