Cost Reduction by Server Optimization
Ask us for server optimization to reduce your costs

Costs tend to be high imperceptibly.

Do you have any servers that you have not used for 5 to 10 years.
It might be a chance of reducing fixed costs.

Cost management is one of the major issues in corporate management.
The most effective is the reduction of fixed costs, which is the most difficult issue
You may have reviewed all the issues: personnel expenses, office rent and utility costs.
However, there is another cost you may not remember
It is server cost.Do you have any servers that you have not used for 5 to 10 years.
It might be a chance of reducing fixed costs.

Cases Where Server Optimization Is Needed.

CASE1 Over-spec because you do not know about them.

A server is what is difficult to understand.
Therefore, it often occures that servers more than needed are installed. It costs you more and sometimes puts pressure on the business condition of your company.

CASE2 Using Multiple Servers

One of the ways to improve the performance of each single server is connecting multiple servers.
Another way is installing a server in each department to maintain the processing speed.

Either is what we have haerd before.
The reason that such an approach was the mainstream because individual servers were extremely.
However, servers themselves get few attentions and there are many customers relying on the old poor servers.

CASE3 Operating the Old Servers

As the PC has evolved over the years, the server has evolved as well.
Comparing 10 years ago with the current, the performance may be far beyond the degree of evolution of the PC.

As a result, it brought about the situation like CASE2.
In terms of operating costs of a single server, old servers are very expensive.
The situation that does not meet performance and cost has occurred.

How to Do Server Optimization

STEP1 Checking Your Purposes of Operating Servers

We make sure what purposes you use servers for.
It is a quite important task because "Server Optimization" is actually a task of optimizing those purposes

STEP2 Checking Your Server Environment

We check the load status and performance and the number of servers that are currently operational.

STEP3 Appropriate Server Plan

We suggest a server environment suitable for your purposes and operation status and cost reduction.

"Serdai Data Garden" carries out to build servers utilizing open source in principle to reduce your cost.

That is how "SGAYLER" optimizes your servers.
You will open a way to reduce fixed costs that are believed difficult.

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