他社サーバ フルマネージド管理サービス

We check and report the detailed operational status of your servers of any company

To everyone in charge of server management

Do you have any troubles like "We cannot solve server troubles because our server administrators resigned." or "We do not understand the situation because we operate multiple servers." ?

"Third-Party Server Full Management Service" is a solution to these kinds of troubles.
Our company, a prossional of servers, takes over your server management
we will provide you with a reliable system of management and operation with our professional technology

Recomended for the persons below

A person in charge of managing servers of business or development organizations 課題
After performing the report of your operational status, please utilize "Third-pary Server Full Management Service"

Full maintenance of your operational servers of other companies


Basic Content

Other Supports

We provide a variety of supports other than basic supports.

High frequent setting changes and installing and setting especial applications are separately estimated.

Terms and Conditions of "Third-Party Server Full Management Service"

The requirements below are needed to utillize "Third-Party Server Full Management Service".
Please check the server environment before.

Environmental conditions during the operation of the server

Being able to disclose and provide the SSH authority and the root autholity(Our enginieers manage your servers by remote.)


・"Third-Party Server Full Management Service" doew not need any requirements of server hosting destinations.
・There could be a preliminary survey whether we can take over and manage your operational servers
・Field work by our engineers are not included.
・It is not a service to guarantee data and hardware.
・It is possible to build a separate backup.
・Some tasks will be separately estimated.

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