Premium servers are capable of High-load system operation and managing websites with a large number of accesses.
Free customization and professional
SATA and SAS are available

Premium servers are suitable for shopping or large content websites.

For example, they are used by manufactures' campaign websites and research and development of systems.
This plan is for those who need a capacity of at least 160GB.

This plan is also recommended for those who operate more than 50 domains.

Free customization as you wish

Premium servers offer free customization as you wish.

1.I want to add more memory for operating high-load systems.
2.I don't need a high spec machine but want to increase the capacity of my hard desk.

We will customize CPU, memory, HDD and others as you wish like the examples above.
If you ask us, we will suggest a most suitable specs for you.
Feel free to give us any questions.

What are full maintenance services?

SGAYLER" provides services below for free and has no additional charge.

This service is provided only by "SGAYLER".

We focus on what it costs you and how satisfied you will be.

Tohoku people are the ones who are worried about your satisfaction.

Low price and safe backup system.
"SGAYLER" always supports everyone by its cost performance and reliable system.


Specs Summary


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