Business servers can take care of operating shopping websites and multiple domains.
The number of accounts is infinite and the operations are stable.

Business servers are sutiable for shopping or large content websites.

The servers realize alomost all what you want to do.

For example, you can install your own SSL for running shopping websites.。
Each of the plans includes infinite accomodated domains.
This type of servers are reasonable in their cost performance for those who run various shopping websites.
There is no worry about uploading animations because of their large capacity.
Business servers offer a wide range of uses.

What are full maintenance services?

SGAYLER" provides services below for free and has no additional charge.

This service is provided only by "SGAYLER".

We focus on what it costs you and how satisfied you will be.

Tohoku people are the ones who are worried about your satisfaction.

Low price and safe backup system.
"SGAYLER" always supports everyone by its cost performance and reliable system.


Specs Summary


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